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Total buyer's auction! Stuff was going really cheaply, including a solid Pac-Man that went for 225$. If only I had had a big truck and about 1000$, I would have come out of there with five or six really good deals... Oh, well. I did come out with one good deal, the Radical Radial for 65$. A very nice Nichibutsu game from '82, that only needs a little cosmetic cleaning. I didn't get any pictures, partially because of the warning from on high last time, but mainly because there simply wasn't much that was all that spectacular to see. There were some really nice classics there, but you've all seen those before ;) Aside from the nice Ice Cold Beer (which I should have bid on ;), the super nice dedicated Klax cabaret, and the working Aqua Gun EM game, there really wasn't anything out of the ordinary. So anyway, here are the prices: