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More house pictures!

It’s been a while since the blog was updated, but now we have pictures of the house with all of our stuff in it. It looks different from when it was a real estate listing, or when it was full of boxes and looked like a storage unit. We’ll start with the office where I’m typing this:

house1 (more…)

Another Journey

We’re heading out to Tennessee with our first load of stuff today. The U-Haul shall be packed by 2 p.m. and we’ll be heading off with my dad (Olin) and our dear, dear friend Steve.

I feel a little like I’m going to be staring in an adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz…although I don’t know who is who.

Given my driving skills, I’m probably the Cowardly Lion.

Tonight, we’ll be staying inĀ Warrenton, MO. Tomorrow, we make for the ‘boro.

Light candles, and let’s all hope for the best of travels – with air conditioning that works.


Bread & Beer & Clowders

Julie & I

It’s down to my last month in Manhattan, Kansas – and I have noticed two things: I am trying (suddenly) to turn extrovert and see everyone I possibly can, whenever I can.
Also, I can’t seem to get enough Tallgrass Beer as there isn’t any in Tennessee.
New rule – if you’re coming to see us from Kansas land, bring me some Buffalo Sweat or Eight Bit. I’ll compensate you with cash or bread…your choice!

Speaking of bread, my neighbor Julie works for the Kansas Wheat Commission and yesterday I was able to visit her at the International Festival of Bread. Let me tell you about the wonderful Julie. She is my very own Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, and she has loved and been loved by our little family here in the apartment complex for the last four years or so. We got to know her through our mutual love of feline beasties – and let me tell you, cat person bonds are strong. She has a courtyard behind her lovely little apartment that is home to a clowder of kittens every spring. Four generations of a single cat line have come to think of her backyard as their own country. We are gifting her with our own cat house complete with ceramic warming bulb when we finally leave. She keeps her crew of strays fed and alive during the winter months. She has been known to catch these strays and pay for them to be neutered and spayed. She has a lovely cat of her own named Lily who is nearly as spoiled as our cats. She is compassionate, and a wonder.

For a while, our apartment complex manager was attempting to trap the strays that came around. A few tenets started complaining that there were cats scratching up their screen doors (although I suspect the league of extraordinarily angry possums that frequent these parts more than I do the cats). The heartbreaking thing about the situation was that when you catch a cat that hasn’t been domesticated, there’s a good chance they’ll be put down. Not many people are interested in adopting a wild cat. So, in some ways, it became a life and death struggle.

Julie told off many a pest control expert that fall, and I think she may have had a word with our landlord as well. Simply put? The woman kicks ass.

I will miss her. She reminds me that true empowerment comes in many forms. Caring for those who need help is a positive form of taking agency.
The smallest acts of exerted goodness help to light an often dark world.

For more about Julie, hit the link!




Pie Crust

So, by now you’ve seen the kitchen…or rather our pictures of the kitchen from the mortgage appraiser.

It was the picture I was most looking forward to posting, and I can’t tell you how excited I am.
I love kitchens. (more…)

A quick house update


This is a rough layout of the rooms in the house (as always, click to enlarge the images).

Everything is progressing nicely so far! The home inspection found some minor items, most of which I can repair myself. A few items were marked as slightly more serious, including a cracked heat exchanger in the central heating unit. The heat exchanger, along with a few other issues are being taken care of by the seller. Also, the mortgage appraisal happened, and everything is kosher with that.

We have been filtering through our belongings in Manhattan, and have given quite a few items to Goodwill already. We’ve still got to tackle the kitchen though, and I don’t look forward to that. :P Some packing has occurred already, but we will begin that in earnest soon!

Thanks to the mortgage appraisal, we have a few more pictures to give a bit more context to the house. We’ll start with a few good views of the outside, then look at some of the rooms inside that we didn’t have pictures of previously.


More pictures of the house!

We realized that we didn’t take many photos of the interior, so it’s good that some were already on the house’s list website! Since they were taken from the online listing, there are some things in the house that won’t stay obviously. (more…)

Say hello to our new home!


We are very excited that our offer was accepted and we now just have to complete inspection and mortgage stuff!

Blog Name

We’re still trying to find a good name for the blog, so if you’ve got an idea let us know…

The Journey Thus Far

One of the smartest things my husband ever told me was that travelling is often not about comfort – it’s about leaving what you’re used to behind. I can say we’ve done a wee bit of that during this trip to Tennessee. Most of the misadventures we’ve been through happened while we were getting here.