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I didn't get to attend this auction, but my buddy yoalpster got the prices for me! This was the first auction at the new location, and from what I've heard, it's going to be nice... I'll just post what yoalpster had to say about it:

"The new place rocks. TONS of space, open floor, no 2 rooms. multi seater bathrooms, and one each for the guys and gals. (last place was a 1 seater for the whole building) There was a very small selection, but they are getting newer vendors coming in with more games. They plan on expanding everything - more games, and auctions about every 2 months. maybe sooner. They told me to expect an average of 250+ per auction once they get rolling. There's a docking bay, and parking for over 100 cars. There's also places to eat around there (capt. D's, taco bell, burger king) about a block away. The location is right on the highway, so easy access on and off when locating it & leaving. They have air conditioning and heating, can close or open the place up, loading is fairly easy not the mess in the back like it was."

Of course, I'll miss some of the atmosphere of being in downtown Kansas City, and the hamburger joint up the street, but it sounds like the new place is much nicer. I can't wait! Here are the prices: