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I went to my first auction in September of 2003, and I loved it! :) I've been attending every one I could since then, and I've been trying to get price lists as well. I took pictures at the first auctions I went to, but they won't let you do that anymore for whatever reason (I can't think of a good one). All of these auctions are run by a Kansas City area company called United Amusement. I would go to the Superauctions when they come through the area, but they always seem to hold them on weekends when I'm busy :(

I am mostly interested in vids and pins, so I don't bother with the pool tables, redemption, and bartops for the most part. If anyone has a price list for an auction that I don't have here from one of these KC area auctions (especially the Superauctions, since I have yet to be able to attend one), by all means, send it my way and I'll post it here! I can't make them all, and even then, I don't catch all the prices, so if you see an omission, let me know!

I do not sell these games, I only list the prices that they sold for at auction. I have no affiliation with the United Amusement auction company, do not ask me about buying games listed here, I cannot sell them to you!