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12/12/04 auction results are up in the auction section. Check 'em out! Happy Holidays to all!


9/14/04 auction results have been up a while, but I finally got the Radical Radial page up. Check that out!


New auction results online! Check 'em out!


New site layout and some new auction results! The site is now totally css and standards based, and the frames are gone. Should be much better for everyone viewing now... although, it will look much, much better in a standards compliant browser like Firefox or Opera ;) (Actually, it won't look correct at all, because IE does a poor job of implementing css properties compared to other browsers avalaible. Firefox is free! Try it out!) Auction results are from the 03-07-04 United Amusements auction in Kansas City. They can be seen on the auction page!


Went to my first auction yesterday, and here are the resutls!


Big news! I have a new addition to the arcade, and I repaired my Q*Bert to working order once again! I have a renewed interest in arcade gaming, as I am currently undertaking a massive restoration project. Check it out in the "Armor Attack" section! And check out the updated Q*Bert page!


Ok, so I haven't done much in the way of arcade related stuff lately-- besides playing games ;) I have been busy with school this semester (and my grandpa passed away over the break, so I didn't have any time to work on my Q*Bert. But there is a SuperAuction on May 10th in Kansas City, and I plan on attending. I'm getting pretty excited! So hopefully I will have something interesting to report after that; if nothing else, a report on how the auction went with some prices.


Site is live!

I am hoping to get my Q*Bert running again over the Christmas break (which for me begins on the 20th or so). So hopefully I will be needing to update the site again soon with news of a working Q*Bert!